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I am not here to tell you all about a new thing or preach that I was doing it first! I just thought I would share with you how I go about getting the most I can out of my boilies.

Now my way is a little more expensive and probably more like a recipe than a simple boosting process, but it is what I am confident in and a process I do all the time!

Here is the process in a step by step guide for you.

Firstly, all of the ingredients. Two liquids, a powder and 3 different powder mixes!
Start by pouring some boilies into a bucket. you can also do this in re-sealable bags like the Scopex Squid ones, which I usually do. I prefer to split the 5kg bag, so I do about 2.5kg at a time.
You want to cover the boilies so they are nicely glazed. Don’t add to much as you will just be left with a sticky pool in the bottom of the bucket. You can then leave this for at least an hour (but longer ideally) to let it soak in a little and bind to the boilies.
One you have given it a really good mix together you end up with this. It only improves over time as well, and is probably best a couple of weeks after you do it to make sure the liquids and powders have bonded properly.
Up close and personal with the finished product. Lots of attraction and stimulants on every boilie!

It is worth adding that these boilies do not like throwing sticks very much, unless they have been curing for a food few weeks and are a lot dryer. Even then they are not accurate at all with a throwing stick! These are perfect for spodding, bait boats or baiting spoons and even short range catapult work.

Winter baits are some of the best to do this to, where you don’t need a lot of bait but want maximum attraction..

This next mix, per boilie is probably more expensive… But you only need 5 or 6 boilies around each rod to produce the goods….

In this mix I use 1kg of Citruz boilies (mixed pink and white), some of the Citruz Spod syrup and a whole bag of the fizzing Citrus Stick mix! But the results are amazing. These will also last forever as well. I actually made this batch in January, so 10 months ago and to be honest it is now perfect.
Up close and personal with the Citrus boilies. The outer coating is now crusty put still paste like. So they will survive the dive in deeper water and probably work in a throwing stick quite well now as well.

How ever you decide to boost your boilies I do not think there is a wrong way. As long as you use high quality powders and liquids and most importantly, you build confidence in the mix you use!

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