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I’ve been using this rig for around 18 months now and I absolutely love it for a few different reasons. Firstly, until very recently, this rig wasn’t heavily advertised meaning a different presentation for the carp to deal with against 80% of other traps out there on the lake bed. Secondly, it offers full 360 degree movement, which in my head means more chance of catching hold of the carps lip during its “sucking and blowing” feeding routine. This movement, combined with the soft Slip-D section (which I’ve used for many years on a standard slip-d without the swivel) makes it even more difficult again for the carp to eject the rig without that nice sharp hook catching hold.

It is also very versatile; you can use it with a bottom bait, wafter or my favoured presentation a nice slow sinking small pop-up over a tasty spod mix. It perfectly suits my preferred method of carp fishing… smash loads of decent mixed sized bait out on a spot with a washed out pop-up sitting nice and low over the top of it, perfect!

So how do you tie it?

Start by threading a rig ring and hook onto a baiting needle. Then use the needle to pull through a doubled over section of braid.
Pull the loop over the hook point making a ‘D’ trapping the rig ring on the shank.
Wrap one of the long tag ends five times around the shank of the hook and back through the eye like a normal knotless knot.
Pull the knot tight and then cut and burn the tag ends up-to the eye of the hook.
Thread on a piece of large shrink tube, then hook on your spinner swivel or quick change swivel. Shrink the tubing with a lighter (or steam from a kettle if you are not comfortable with the lighter approach).
Your rig is now made! Just need the boom section and bait.
Attach your bait with a length of bait floss (a bait screw could also be used in place of the rig ring). Blob the end with a lighter.
Your rig is now ready! Add your favored boom section, whether its a supple braid or stiff fluorocarbon. OR use this a super low chod rig!
This shows the huge benefit of using the slip-d. The movement of the bait is massive! getting it right out of the way and helping to pull the hook point in from the direction of the blow out.
The Queen of Nash Church lake. The 4X4 at 56.8lb which fell to a slip-d ronnie with a white mulb pop-up.

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