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There are very few knots in fishing that send a shudder down my spine on a cold winters morning like the dropshot knot does. It is fiddly, tricky and i’m my opinion a complete pain is the rear. I used to get lazy and use the Palomar knot to tie up a dropshot rig, even though this knot is one of the best, it is not best suited to the dropshot rig. If tied with this knot the hook can tilt and rotate in its place making its hooking potential less efficient than the ‘proper’ knot. after this I started using ready tied leaders from Fox Rage. These were great! But using ready made leaders never sat right with me for whatever reason.

Fast forward to September 2020 and 4Street released some amazing new dropshot hooks with a special bait holder coating. I knew I had to use these. Anything that keeps you fishing more effectively for a longer period of time in my books is a winner. The only problem is that they do not come on pre-tied fluoro hooklinks. I use the word ‘problem’ very loosely, more convenience to satisfy my laziness.

That brings back my old winter morning nemesis – The Dropshot Knot! So I started to do a little research, as you do. And I discovered this little beauty. NOW.. Its still not the easiest, but it is a darn sight easier than trying to hold 3 loops in your cold fingers and thred a hook through a shivering gap.

Here is the stuff I use!

Here is how to tie it..

Start by taking roughly 3ft of your chosen leader material. If you saw our recent video on the river you will hear me banging on about this stuff from Garbolino.
Take your dropshot hook. in this case I am using one of the size 1 4Street dropshot hooks.
Form a figure of eight loop knot in the other end to attach your braid to.
The finished rig ready to fish.


Try using one of the new 5.5cm Squirmz from Korum! They can be deadly on a dropshot.
The buoyancy of the Floatex plastic fights against the movement of the rig and creates some fantastic movement.

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