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Carp fishing can be an expensive hobby and as a new angler looking at crossing over from coarse fishing or wanting to jump straight into the deep end it can be quite confusing!

Probably the most asked question in store is – “I want to go Carp fishing, how do I do it”?

Well thanks to Korda that question is now really easy to answer! The brand new BASIX range of tackle is designed for the new or budget conscious angler. It is a very simple and well thought out core range that includes everything you need to give Carp fishing a go at very reasonable prices.

We have put together some products here that cover everything you need to start, and ultimately catch a Carp. The total price for this list is £15.44!… Including bait!

In this blog we show you how to attach it all together and make a set up that can catch you pretty much any Carp that swims.


Let us start with the ‘lead clip’, this is where you attach your weight or your ledger.

The Basix range has a couple of options here; A lead clip action pack or lead clip leaders. We are going to work with the second option as they are all set up and ready to go, they cost £2.99 for a pack of 2.

You get two ready made leaders in the pack. Each one is set up ready on a 50cm leader with a quick change swivel, lead clip and a tail rubber. All you need to go with this is attach your weight and your hair rig.

you do have a couple of options with the lead clip set up..

  • Firstly you can have the lead clip loose behind the swivel which creates a ‘running rig’. This lets the weight pass freely up and down the line. Some lakes specify this as a rule so keep your eyes on the rule boards!
  • Secondly you can have the weight ‘semi fixed’. This means that when the Carp picks up your bait it will feel the weight of lead after which the lead will freely move up and down the leader. Again this can be a specific rule on some lakes. You do this by pulling the swivel into the lead clip so it just fits. If you hear a click you have gone to far!
  • Thirdly you can fish it ‘fixed’. This is also called a ‘bolt rig’. You do this by pulling the swivel all the way into the lead clip until you hear a click. Make sure you do this after you have attached your rig though (see below) as the swivel clip gets covered inside the lead clip. This is probably the most popular way top do it. That doesn’t mean its the best! SO experiment with all three if lake rules allow.

For the purpous of this blog and the price we have quoted we added 2 x 2 oz flat pear leads at £1.49 each. There are a great all round lead.


To attach your weight to to the lead clip you simply hook your chosen weight on and push the tail rubber over the top. Make sure you do not push it to far on… It is designed in this way so if a Carp gets caught up in a snag the lead can easily pull of. This is called ‘fishing safe’. This is certainly a rule on all waters and you should always do everything you can to ensure the safety of the Carp you are fishing for. On the other end of the leader is a loop. You can tie your mainline to this with either a figure of eight loop knot, blood knot or grinner knot. You can see our tutorials on different knots here.

The next item you need is the hair rig, the new BASIX range has them in a variety of hook sizes and are available in in micro barbed or barbless. We recommend using the barbless version to start with. Most lakes have a barbless only rule. A hook size of 6 is a really good starting point as well unless lake rules have a maximum hook size in them. These new BASIX ready tied hair rigs come in packs of two with some hair stops and ready fitted with anti tangle sleeves for just £2.99!

  • Firstly you need to take the end with the loop and hook it onto the swivel in the lead clip.
  • Then you push the anti tangle sleeve over the swivel. This stops the hair rig coming off but also helps to keep your weight separated from your hook and bait when its on the lake bed.

The next item on your shopping list is a baiting needle, you use this to attach your chosen bait onto your hair rig. The BASIX baiting needle is only £2.99.

It has a sharp point with a hook on one end and a bright handle on the other so you don’t loose it!


At this point you also need some bait! We have added a 200gm bag of Nash Instant Action boilies in 15mm diameter in Strawberry Crush flavour. These are a great bait to start with. The flavour catches lots of fish, and the colour helps your bait stand out. There of lots of colours and flavours available. The 200gm bag costs £3.49 and you get plenty in it for your first session Carp fishing. They are available in bigger bags also.

  • Firstly you need to pierce a boilie with your baiting needle and pass it all the way through the bait.
  • Secondly you need to hook the needle onto the ‘hair’ then transfer the boilie down onto the hair from the needle.
  • Next, in the pack of hair rigs you get a selection of ‘hair stops’, take one of the small hair stops and put it on the hair like this… Then you pull the boilie up the hair bedding the hair stop into the bait. This makes sure your bait doesn’t fall off. there are some longer hair stops in the pack as well. There are there in case you want to add a bigger bait to the hair like two boilies for example. I would just start with the one though.

The finished hair rig should look like this.. There is a small section of rubber on the hook it is called ‘blow back tube’, this keeps the hair in the right place and makes sure the hook does what it is meant to do when the Carp sucks your bait up. It always needs to be in the position pictured below.

That is your rig ready to cast out and catch a Carp! throw in a couple more boilies around where you are fishing to add some attraction to the area!

If you wanted to expand your selection you could add these items whilst still keeping it under £20!

  • Swap the Strawberry Crush boilies for some Hot Tuna boilies.
  • Get a tub of 15mm Pineapple Crush Pop ups
  • Add a tub of ‘BB’ shot. These are used to weigh down your popup. Add one onto your hair rig about 10mm away from your hook.

If you want to know more about pop ups let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to add a blog all about it. Alternatively, pop in store and we can show you in person!



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