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Pellet Cones in the smaller sizes can be a deadly edge in the colder weather because you leave a small mouthful of soft pellets right next to your high vis hook bait. This prevents you from over feeding and ensures your loose feed is always right on the money. It also allows you to change spots quickly if the bites slow down without spreading bait all over your swim.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make a Pellet cone Rig.

GURU make a whole selection of terminal tackle that are perfect for this rig. We will talk about each one in each step but here is a picture overview for you!
Start by dampening down some 2.3mm HF ANGLING pellets. You can add some flavour to these as well if you want to. They will take a few minutes to absorb the lake water which gives you time to prepare your rigs.
We are using a lead clip arrangement for this example, but you can also use a running rig if you like.
We have threaded on the lead clip components and then tied on the swivel with a Palomar knot.
Pull the swivel into the lead clip, attached your chosen size of lead and then push the tail rubber over the back of the clip.
We are using a RINGERS Chocolate Orange wafter for this demonstration. Hook baits are a personal choice, you may have your favorite but we prefer a nice bright wafter for this time of year and this rig.
For the rig we have used a GURU size 12 QM1 15″ bait band rig and cut it down to 10″.
Now the pellets are sticky you can fill the pellet cone. GURU supply three sizes in their pack. We like the smallest one for the winter. Press the pellets in with your thump and forefinger packing them tightly into the cone.
Use the baiting needle provided and insert it through the middle of the packed pellet cone.
Pull your hook into the pellets masking the hook point and keeping the feed right in the correct spot.
This is how it should look when finished.
Loop your rig onto the swivel. (You can also use a quick link for faster rig changing if you like).
The finished rig underwater. The pellets take a few moments to break down ensuring the rig is on the lake bed before it falls apart.
After the pellets have broken apart this is how it looks.
The perfect small mouthful for those lethargic cold water fish.
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