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The Ronnie rig seems to be bringing a whole host of new fancy gizmos and rig bits to the market place with most manufacturers jumping on the rigs popularity and success.

Out of most new Ronnie gizmos I think this one may be one of the better ones. the Ronnie rig is all about speed, not just in the way it reacts in a Carps mouth but also on the bank for the angler. It is designed so you can quickly change a hook out for a sharper or different size. But what if it was also easy to change over your hooklink section with pre-tied ready to go variations? And also change the counterbalance weight for different size pop ups?

this is where the new Ronnie Clips from E-S-P come into play making the Ronnie rig a truly versatile speed rig!

In this blog I will show you how to use the clips and also make a deadly Ronnie rig using the new E-S-P components.

These are the bits you will need… Hook link material will vary depending on situation.
On the other end you are going to attach the new Ronnie Clip. I have gone for the larger size weight for 15mm pop-ups. It has two components; the tungsten weight and the clip.
Start by threading on the tungsten weight narrow end first.
Then attach the clip with your favourite knot. In this case it is a 3 turn grinner knot.
Now for the hook; And I do not think there are many better hook for the Ronnie than the new E-S-P Trig-Hammers with their long sweeping shank leading to a needle sharp point.
The hook-end is now finished.
The finished rig ready to go with a Pink boosted Mulb pop-up.
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