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I have been using this rig to amazing success recently fishing my local club water for Perch. It doesn’t single out Perch itself, that’s more down to the bait you use, so it can be used for a whole host of other species.

The float ledger is a bit of an old school method nowadays with more anglers turning towards ledger fishing. I still think it has its place though. There are some big plus’ to using the float ledger of a standard ledger rig.

  • Much more sensitive! You are still watching a float tip so a couple of millimetres of movement and you strike.
  • The float is static, so your rig wont move with the wind or flow like a conventional float rig.
  • It is a lot more fun watching a float than waiting for an alarm to go off!
  • With a float ledger rig you will be using lighter gear, giving you more fun from your quarry!

I use the float ledger instead of a standard ledger rig or float rig when there are deeper margins, close in lilly pads or trees. But mostly when the other anglers are fishing for Perch using a standard ledger rig it pays to be different but also it is a lot more sensitive, which will convert more bites into landed fish.

Here is how I set my rig up. It is really simple with only a couple of components changing according to the water I see in front of me.

Firstly have a few floats of the same style in your box ready to go. Also float caps! The Drennan pack has lots of different sizes to suit lots of different floats. I love using the Drennan Loafers because they are slim in profile which give them less resistance. You don’t want a loaded float for this as you need the buoyancy and weightless body for lift bites and sensitivity. you can also use these on the river for the same method!

There you go, my go to commercial Perch rig. And the proof as they say, is in the pudding! (Or pizza in this case)!

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