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Scratching for bites in the colder months can be really hard work at times; Trying to find the extra fish in a match or just looking for a bit of entertainment on a Saturday morning can be very difficult as the fish are harder to find and are not that interesting in feeding heavily. That’s where bait that is heavy on the attractant side but low on the feed side come into play.

Ground bait is by far one of the best carriers that is low in feed but can be pumped full of attractants. And that is where Jack’s little winter edge comes into play!

Now, for many match anglers or general coarse anglers making your way over to the Carp bait section can be a daunting task! But trust me when I say; This visit is worth it!

If you do not know about Citruz, here is a little information for you..

Based on a highly digestible cereal and milk protein base mix with proven cold water pedigree, levels and taste of Nashbait’s exclusive time aged fruit ester, essential oil and Talin attractor blend are among 36 ingredients that make up this high attract bait…. It is a deadly winter Carp bait.

What this mix gives you is a very low feed, very high attract groundbait that will pull in fish in very cold weather.

Here is how to make it…

Firstly your groundbait. This needs to be a low feed groundbait so SounBaits Super Sweet is perfect.
This is the levels you are looking for; A nice dark groundbait full of little pink flecks. You can, at this point crush a few of the bigger pieces of Citruz but don’t worry about that to much.
The finished result on the method feeder is here to show! Lots of particles moving up and down in the water column, lots of feeding signals and attractors, but as you can see, hardly any ‘food’ to fill the fish up.
The same goes for the cage feeder. Lots of attraction to pull the fish into your spot and onto your hookbait….

If you have made it down to the bottom of this blog then here is Jacks little addition to this edge that take the mix from a 10 to a 12! Nash Citruz fizzing Stick Mix……. Add some of this to the mix and a whole new world opens up!

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