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At this time of year when other anglers and other match-men are all using very similar tactics it really pays to think outside of the box. Yes, 2mm micro pellets and maggots will still catch you fish, but in a competition setting or on a day when you just want to catch lots of fish doing something different to everyone else WILL see you rewarded with more fish.

If you are targeting Carp or bigger Bream etc, this rig is a fantastic alternative to the norm. It’s also really good for searching the water for the shoals of fish giving you more time to fill your net and less time worrying about where they are. At this time of year especially the fish are almost always off the bottom  you can change the height of the hookbait accordingly, much like a ‘zig rig‘ for specimen Carp anglers.

The other good thing about this rig is the lack of food! The rig itself has no loose feed what so ever. So fish are not going to get filled up on pellet or fresh bait. Instead they will be concentrated on a spot reacting to the feeding signals and attractants given off by the liquid. This means that when your rig goes back on the spot the fish will respond quicker to your hookbait giving you quicker bites and more fish in the net….. you’re welcome!

Here is how you tie it….

Start off by adding the components of the Guru Micro Lead Clip set onto your mainline.

Then tie the swivel on with a Palomar Knot as shown above.

Push the swivel up into the lead clip, then add the lead. This is the Guru Impact Bomb (use the size relevant to the situation you are fishing in as usual). Finally loop your rig onto the swivel.

This is the finished rig – A micro Lead clip with a Guru Impact Bomb attached to a 4 inch QM1 Speed Stop Rig with a size 12 hook.

Next up is your hookbait! We are using 3 10mm disks for the purpose of this blog but you can use smaller disks and different amounts. We recommend 2 10mm disks, but use a piece of crust for the top disk if you are having problems with silver fish taking your bread off!

Use a Speed Stop needle and thread your disks onto your hair. You can see now why we are using a size 12 hook.

Now the fun bit! And this bit is personal, you can use what ever liquids you like. We highly recommend the Goo range for this in the Smokes. Its thick enough to withstand the cast and holds onto the Impact bomb really well. We have chosen the Outrageous Orange for this one!

Don’t forget about your hookbait! Use a highly concentrated bait spray for this, these are found in the carp section and there are lots to choose from. We have gone for the Mainline Pineapple Juice spray for this demonstration , a great attractant and firm Carp favourite.


And here is the finished rig in the water! I do not think we need to say a lot about this as you can see how good it looks. And after a few seconds or so the Goo starts to react and spread across the lake bed. Bites will be quick and solid with your tip wrapping round quickly thanks to the shock effect of the lead.

Make sure you give it a go yourself and let us know how you get on with it!

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