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Josh shows you the D-Rig

I began using this rig many years ago when I watched the legendary Korda underwater 8 film, where Danny Fairbrass manged to land the famous Big Plated from St. John’s at Linear Fisheries. I like the rig because it is simple and fairly easy to tie, also it is virtually invisible on the lake-bed, especially when surround by a bunch of free offerings (I usually place a PVA bag on the end of crumbed boilie to just to protect and mask the hook point). The only place I wouldn’t use it is on a really weedy bottom or a very choddy bottom. Other than that it quite a versatile rig and it is a deadly way to present a wafter. I’ve got so much faith in this rig as I’ve landed many Carp on it and I genuinely don’t recall losing any of them. I think the use of the curve shank hook pattern and the balanced out bait creates a really aggressive hooking situation as it makes the shank of the hook light and in turn makes the point heavy . This means it just flips and catches hold of the fishes lip (and doesn’t let go!). Resulting in lots of fish on the bank!

Here is how I tie it with the terminal tackle I have faith in.

Start by taking about 12 inches of your chosen fluorocarbon, I like to use Fox ILLUSION as the Trans Khaki colour really disappears in the water.
Pick your chosen hook, I like the E-S-P Cryogen Curve Shanx in size 6 for this rig. The curve shanks properties really lend itself to this rig and it is just heavy enough to hold a slightly shaved 15mm wafter down.

This part is a little more complicated as you need to tie a whipping knot, once you have done one they are easy, its just a difficult knot to explain in text!

Pull the knot up the shank level with where the barb would be, trim the short tag end (that was tucked into the eye), add a hook bait swivel and then thread the remaining material through the back of the eye like so..
Make simple 4 turn knot-less knot by wrapping the fluorocarbon round the shank of the hook 4 times, then through the back of the eye.
Tie a tucked Blood knot in the other end onto a size 8 swivel.
Moisten the knot then tighten down with a rig tool.
Steam the whole rig strait whilst keeping it under tension, be careful not to scald yourself.
‘Blob’ both the tag ends with a lighter, protecting the rest of the rig with your fingers or flame shield tool.
Using bait floss, thread on your favorite wafter, I use the HF Angling Supreme Marine Cork Dust Wafters.
And there you have it! This rig works very well when fished around whole 15mm Supreme Marine boilies. And balances out perfectly. Just to be sure, always check your rig in the margin, or test tank before casting out to make and changes needed.
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