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I have scrolled the internet to find the easiest knot tying images I can find and put them all in one place….. (Your welcome)!

Whether you are a carp angler, coarse angler or lure angler these will all be useful to you. So if you are struggling to tie a decent knot look no further!

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Starting nice and easy with the good old Hair Rig Hair Loop.
A knot we have covered in a previous blog, The Knotless Knot.
One of the most common knots in fishing; The Grinner Knot. Great for attaching line or braid to terminal tackle. Make sure you moisten this knot really well.
The most common knot in fishing! The Blood Knot, or its proper name; The Half Blood knot.
A really nice knot that I have started to use more often; The Palomar Knot. The Palomar Knot is regarded as one of the strongest and most reliable fishing knots.
The Fast Snell Knot, Or Snell Knot or Whipping Knot was primarily used for spade end hooks but is still used today especially in lure fishing.
The Double Grinner Knot or Back To Back Grinner is also known as the 100% knot as it keeps the breaking strain of the line used. Its great for attaching leaders to mainline or two lines together.
Used for tying two lines together the Double Blood Knot is a firm favorite with many anglers.
the Figure of Eight Loop Knot forms perfect loops but more importantly it ensures both end exit in line with the loop unlike the standard loop knot which forms an out of line loop.
The Albright Knot is a firm favorite for connecting shock leaders to mainline or braid to mono. If you have 2 different diameter lines to connect, this is the knot for you! The thicker line is indicated in this diagram by the line on the right.
Arguably the best knot for attaching a leader to your mainline. The Mahin Knot can be complicated to tie but is very strong and tapered to travel through your eyes easier.
The good old Stop Knot, Great for marking up your spots on your rods.
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