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I was once told that very few things on a lakebed are naturally round, and that is something I have always thought about when using boilies. I understand that for production purposes round boilies are easier to make. But what is our obsession with using round baits! For instance.. Have you ever used luncheon meat for Carp fishing?… Did you shape it into a perfect sphere?.. NO you didn’t! You used a cube, and it worked really well! So why the round baits!


So in comes Mainline with their brand new QUADS. A range of plump pillow shaped hook baits which I welcome with open arms. In my opinion, anything slightly different to the norm is an edge which should be fully abused!

They are available in a pop up version and a bottom bait version.

Here is what they say about them..


Mainline ‘QUADS’ are a new concept within our extensive range of hookbaits. Their square shape means they’re both unusual and harder for fish to eject. Their size means they lend themselves perfectly to single hookbaits, use with particles with the pop-up version providing the ideal topper to balance out bottom baits or even use as a high attract Zig or floating surface hookbait! Available as pop-ups or bottom baits to suit any presentation!


Lets take a look at the range..

Firstly you have a choice of bottom baits in three of their most popular flavours: The Link, Essential Cell and The Cell.

Then you have a choice of popups in the three same flavours but with am ix of colours in each pot (which is nice!), Yellow, Pink and White.

the bottom baits are coloured to match their normal round brothers and sisters.

Whilst the pop ups in their colourful range are more of a pastel pallet.

The shape of them is probably best described as a cushion making them great for toppers, zigs, singles, pva bags and anything else you can image. You could even use these as a topper for a square piece of luncheon meat to really mess with the round bait purists.

I tried rigging them up a couple of different ways; Here I have them set up like a snowman. On their own the pop up is too buoyant so I added a number 6 shot just behind them to help keep them down).  The rig I used was one of the new Korda Basix Rigs in size 6.

Then I tried two back to back as a pop up rig (like two pieces of corn). This worked really well using the same rig as before with a BB shot to counterbalance the weight.

I personally applaud Mainline for trying something new and different. I am sure these are going to put plenty of fish on the bank for the anglers that use them.

If you want to check them out you can see either styles via the links below…







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