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Mere Moor Specimen Lake

Mere Moore Fisheries is set just outside of Crewe near Crewe Hall. It is a small complex of 4 lakes with 1 specimen lake and is in short distance of the M6. The specimen lake is the main focus of this blog. The rules and prices are all at the bottom.

The lake has matured well over the past 15 years or so with plenty of surrounding trees and an abundance of wildlife. It is around in 3 acres size and hold a good stock of carp up to 32lb. it is quite unique in its shape; around 200m long and about 80m wide with a long chain of islands running down the center.

These islands provide great cover for the fish and also help seclude the anglers away from each other giving each peg its own water.

Depth varies from around 2.5ft in the shallower narrow end which shelves off quickly to around 5.5-6ft throughout the rest of the lake with a couple of raised bars around the islands in the center.

Anglers tend to fish up to the islands as it selves off immediately with no gradual slopes.

Jon has fished this lake a lot over the years and enjoys the angling style there when its a little quieter in the winter.

Here are some tips from Jon on how to fish it effectively.


Firstly, know how deep you are fishing! And figure out what you are fishing over. There can be a lot of silk weed on the bottom which will snare up any rig, but also the drop off around the islands is sever, sometimes it is further away from the islands than you think! You will either be fishing in 5 inches or 5 foot, there is no in-between! So feel the lead down and look for a nice solid drop.

Mobility is also key on this lake if it is quiet enough, you may get there and be stuck in one peg unable to move, in this instance I advise being as quiet as you can. Don’t make any sounds in your swim and the pressured fish will move into your area thinking it is safe.

Bait wise, you do not need a lot. You will be picking fish up as they pass over your zone. I have tried spodding on there and for me it didn’t really work. PVA bags with a few boilies catapulted over or single hook baits and stringers work well. Build your swim as always. If you catch a couple, put a bit more bait in…

If you want the biggest edge on Mere Moor; get one of these! They are basically made for Mere Moor. They are accurate, quiet and can deliver small particles of bait to a small area. The Bushwackler Baiting Pole System will transform your Mere Moor trip.

You can see how the bottom slopes away here. The clear spot to the left hand side was a spot I had dropped a rig on earlier in the day and the Coots destroyed! Clearly it was to shallow..

Unfortunately no fish were caught on this quick session, that’s fishing for you! If you need any more info on the fishery head over to their Facebook page (linked below) or ask Jon in store!


  • All anglers must hold a valid EA Licence
  • Landing nets to be used at all times
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Rods must not be left unattended
  • No lead core
  • No fixed lead rigs, running rigs preferred
  • Maximum 3 rod limit
  • No retaining or sacking of fish
  • No surface fishing
  • We operate a rig check policy
  • Please keep noise to a minimum
  • No litter to be left, please use the bins provided


  • £15 per day.
  • £30 for 24 hours.

Click on the image below to go to their Facebook Page.




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