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Predator Fishing With Crank Baits

Firstly, what Is a Crank Bait?

A Crank bait is a bait used to target all kinds of predatory fish and if used correctly, they are a devastating lure! They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and also different diving depths some dive down to over 20ft. This depends on the size of the vein on the front of the lure. So make sure you pick the right diving depth crank bait for your chosen venues.

Now we have come out of the winter and are now heading into spring, the water temperatures are slowly warming up and the fish are beginning to move about a lot and becoming more active in general . This time of year I like to opt for the Crank baits because most people would have been using the “Ned Rig or a Texas Rig” which, don’t get me wrong, are both brilliant presentations but the Pike & Perch have seen this approach all winter. And now the fish are becoming more active I like to give them something to chase, something that gives off lots of vibration and noise which is the Crank Bait.

Due to most of the waters that I fish being very shallow, I opt for the floating crank bait, this allows you to retrieve the bait without snagging the bottom. It also allows you to keep the lure in the kill zone for a lot longer unlike the sinking Crank Bait. An example of this would be if there was a likely looking area you can work the floating bait a lot slower in that area as it will just float towards the surface as appose to a sinking bait which will just sink to the lake bed and snag up.

Crank baits aren’t just brilliant lures during the day time but are just as effective during the darker hours. I put this down to the fact that they give off so much noise, vibration and disperse so much water! I have had some good results by using them during darkness.

Crank Baits in the Summer…

Now this time of year is undoubtedly the best time for the Crank bait and you can have some incredibly productive sessions by using them. At this time of the year the predators like other fish are most active so are constantly on the move and constantly on the feed. They will go out there way to chase down a meal so using a Crank bait that suits your venue and using a nice fast erratic retrieve will definitely get your a few bites!

Now to get the most out of the crank bait you will need the right rod, not just any though. You will need a rod with quite a stiff but sensitive tip. The reason for this is because if you have a rod  that is too sensitive it will take quite a lot of action of the lure, the stiffer tip will help to impart action into the lure. The rod i use is the (Warrior Zander Casting, rated 10-30g). This rod is super light, stiff tip but also very sensitive.

Line choice is also another important part of it, braid is undoubtedly the best to go for depending on lure size i use anything from 20lb to 50lb braking strain depending on lure size and how big the fish are i am targeting. It is pretty much zero stretch so you will feel every movement from the lure up the mainline into the blank of the rod which s so important while lure fishing!

We have a huge selection of Crank baits and rods in store which will suit every situation, so come and give us a visit!

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