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Yet another shad with a waggling tail? No. The Paddler is based upon the natural, slender design of a no-action soft lure with a flat rear section that creates the high-frequency swaying of the lure. The wide head guarantees perfect stability of the jig and enticing water displacement even with the slightest twitch. What is more, the paddle-shaped tail is set at an angle that always creates striking wagging to and fro regardless of the retrieve speed and jump height without over-twisting!

Quantum Q-Paddler Packs 

These shads are provided with a Krill extract, which attracts all types of fish and in particular predator fish.  Thanks to this attractant, the predator fish are triggered earlier to an attack and ensure that the fish also hold longer. 

The packs come with 6 shads in two different colours and their are 4 different packs to choose from!

They are really easy to put on your jig heads as well as you can see below…

The Paddler has a small hole in the back which shows you the size hook you need.
I like to use a 3.5g size 1 hook. When you measure the hook up against the Shad you can see the curve of the hook levels up with the hole perfectly.
Start by putting the point of the hook right in the middle of the shads nose.
Thread the shad onto the hook, keeping the hook central to the body.
Pass the point out of the hole in the back of the shad.
Push the body right down the shank of the hook and up to the weight.
As you can see it fits perfectly.
In this video you can see that the body needs very little movement to make the tail pulse. Even with my hand shaking the tail vibrates giving off lots of signals under the water!
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