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This is my preferred way of fishing for Perch with bait, the rig is very simple and it offers low resistance to wary Perch. I use this rig in conjunction with alarms (just in case I doze off to sleep), homemade washing up bottle caps as bobbins and 7ft light spinning rods so that I can have a bit of sport when I hook a big’un.

You can use this rig with whole or chopped worms; Pieces of prawn are a good alternative if silver fish are becoming a problem. I like to entice the Perch in to my swim by introducing maggots alive and dead and the odd chunk of prawn to catch the eye of a big Perch. It’s important to strike as soon as possible because as we all know that Perch like to swallow the bait in one go and deep hooking can cause the fish harm.

Try and look for features above and below the water line for example; over hanging trees, lily pads, underwater bars or deep gullies are all places where perch will wait to ambush their prey.

Here is how I make it….

All the gear you will need to make the rig. Not complicated at all!
Pull all of the components together and insert the swivel into the buffer bead.
Next up is your hookbait! You will need to cut some worms up to fit better on the push stop.
A lovely Perch caught using this tactic last Autumn.
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