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This blog is all about a soft plastic that despite its size punches well above its weight!

The Micro UV range from Fox Rage Is the updated version of the old classics with the added benefit of UV.

Why is UV so important in lure fishing?

Ultraviolet light is a high frequency energy spectrum that can’t be seen by the human eye, but can be detected by many species of predator fish. They can have UV patterns on them to help distinguish between different species, and even individuals – like freckles or fingerprints. It’s found on shrimp, plankton and many types of underwater prey, making them easier to spot by those hungry beasts we want on the end of our line.

UV light is given off naturally by the Sun. It can travel deeper in water than the humanly visible rainbow, up to 750 feet or more. Some scientists claim that it can be seen even as deep as 2,500 feet.

you can use UV lures in all types of waters but they are hard to beat in deep waters such as large Reservoirs and really colored waters like canals…. Basically anywhere that the visibility is low underwater due to poor light penetration.

Now, these lures are small! They are between 4 and 5 centimeters so you are going to need a small jig head! Fox have thought of this with the Micro Jig Heads.

And they fit these little soft plastics perfectly…

Why is this soft plastic so good then?

The Micro lures are good for a few reasons aside the obviouse UV attraction:

  • Small size is perfect for colder water where the fish are more lethargic.
  • A variety of patters for different situations and fishing styles.
  • you can fish them on a drop shot as well.
  • When to going gets really tough they could be the difference between a blank and a result.
  • A choice of four colours.
  • Fished fast or slow the patters are made with super soft plastic.

When should I use them?

Right now! When the water is getting colder and the fish start to hold up together this is the perfect time to drop your lure size and fish smaller and tighter than you ever have before. It will certainly put more fish on the bank and if you manage to find one Perch then you have found a shoal of them.

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