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If you have recently purchased a new lure fishing set up and need to put the braid on your reel, or maybe you have never done it before and need to replace the braid on your reel. Here is a simple handy guide to show you step by step instructions on how to do it!

The good thing is that it is really easy.

Firstly put your reel on the but section of your rod. You do not need the tip section of the rod for this. Also you want the spool of the reel to be as far out as possible so your bail arm lines up with the bottom of the spool.
Next, your braid. In this case it is 53lb Power Pro to go on a heavy lure set up for Pike. The process is the same if you are using 8lb braid or 80lb braid.
Put your spool in a bucket with some water in. This is to just stabilize the spool. Braid does not need soaking like you do with mono prior to spooling up.
Thread your braid through the eye on the but section of the rod.
Double check that your spool is as far forward as possible.
Tie a slip loop knot in your braid. This is done by making a grinner knot on a large loop.
This is the knot finished and tightened up.
Close the loop of the knot around the base of the spool
If your spool doesn’t have an in built rubber band to stop ‘braid slip*’ then you can add some tape to the spool on top of the knot to eliminate this. * Braid slip is where the spooled up braid slips round the reel as there is no friction to keep it in place.
Start by adding on a few turn of braid to bed the tape in.
Then hold the braid with a damp cloth and hold it tight as you wind on the rest of the braid.
The finished spool should look something like this with the braid finishing about 1mm before the lip of the spool. And it should be nice and tight.

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