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There are lots of different knots out there to do a whole host of different things. If you are new to lure fishing and want to know how to attach your fluorocarbon leader to your braid then this blog is just for you! There are two knots here for you to practice and use that are great for joining two different materials together.

In these tutorials I am using very heavy braid and 15lb mono just so you can see it easier. Bu the same knots apply to even the lightest of braids and leaders.

Lets start off with my favourite; the albright knot. It is a great knot for joining mono or fluro material to braid, or tow of the same materials of different thicknesses. Its super strong and ends up being very small.


Firstly, take your leader and fold over 3 inches at one end, squeezing the fold so its easier to work with.

Then you take your braid and pass it through the folded over leader material.

You then need to wrap the braid around the folded leader material 5-6 times.

Then go back 2 times.


The final part of making this knot is the most important. The braid needs to pass back through the loop the same way that it came in (as pictured below).

Once the knot is formed you need to bed it down, start slowly, teasing the braid down and tightening at the same time. Then pull it tight using the long braid tag end and the leader material.

trim your tag ends and you are finished! A really neat and small knot.

The next knot is the Back to Back Grinner. This is a really reliable knot that will take the heaviest of casts.

Start with taking your braid and leader material on holing them against each other.

Then form a loop in the braid material next to the leader material.

Wrap the braid around itself and the leader material 4 times.

Bed the knot down but not all the way. Just enough to hold it.

Do the same with the leader on the other side,form a loop next to the braid.

But only pass this one around 3 times.

Loosely tighten this one down now.

Now bed the whole knot down tight by moistening it with saliva and pulling the main braid and leader material in turn with the tag ends one at a time.

There is your finished back to back grinner knot! All that is left is to trim the tag ends down.

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