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Sticky Syrups are a flavouring additive, that give all kinds of baits a powerful boost! They are highly soluble, which means they release into the water easily and effectively to give your feed maximum attraction! The range of seven different flavours covers a mix of renowned big-fish additives from the carp world such as Cell and Activ-8, as well as some fishy, meaty flavours such as Peppered Tuna, Pellet Enhancer and Frankfurter Sausage, plus a sweet Strawberry Tutti and a Black Molasses version!

“Adding Sticky Syrup to pellets is lethal, especially when fishing a Method or Hybrid Feeder. I simply soak my 2mm Activated or Cell Pellets as normal the night before a session. Then on arriving at my swim, I’ll give them a generous coating of the Syrup and a good mix around. This simply rejuvenates the pellets, giving them a lovely sticky feel, perfect for gripping to a Method or Hybrid! On the groundbait front, I simply add the flavour to the water that I’m mixing the groundbait with, allowing the mix to soak-up the goodness of the flavour giving it the kick!” – Darren Cox


The Captiv-8 range is made up of five essential colours and flavours; Krill – Red, Betaine – Green, Spicy Meat – Brown, Scopex Pineapple – Yellow and Chocolate – Orange. These five different colours and flavours not only add a bright visual colour to your hookbait/feed, but also a strong smell that you can tailor to each venue and species you’re targeting. For example; if you’re fishing with meat down the edge, I would instantly reach for the Brown Spicy Meat, which gives your hookbait an incredibly strong smell and attractive colour. However, if I was looking for a more subtle sweet flavour to dye my expander pellets when I’m fishing for F1’s in the colder months I would opt for the yellow Scope Pineapple. There’s five totally different versatile flavours and smells that you can employ throughout your attack.

“Giving my hookbaits a smelly, colourful boost has worked brilliantly for me over the past couple of years. Especially with baits like meat, expander pellets and even corn. I believe that this colour stands out from the crowd massively and gives me more of a chance of catching fish that often see baits like I mentioned previously in their natural form. That being said I have recently started dying baits like groundbait, the Method Mix is a fantastic bait but at certain times of year and particular venues some colours definitely seem to be more impactive. Dying groundbaits yellow or green works really well for bream and skimmers. Overall, I would say don’t be afraid of experimenting with these colours, they could be the key to unlocking your next match win”. – Adam Rooney



Activated pellets are super versatile, suiting a wide variety of different situations and methods. The pellets range from 2mm right up to 8mm, so whether I’m looking for pellets to mould around a Method Feeder for carp and F1’s or bagging-up with skimmers on a pole the Activated range will fit the bill perfectly.

“Activated pellets have a strong meaty smell that lends itself perfectly to the warmer months when fish are in serious feeding mode and need protein/energy from the baits they eat. This strong Activated smell definitely holds bigger fish like carp and F1’s in the peg for longer than standard coarse pellet. Every time you feed Activated pellets you feel like it’s creating a response which gives me lots of confidence, another crucial factor when it comes to bait choice.
The whole Activated range come into play for my commercial fishing in the spring/summer months. The micro pellets have a very sticky consistency once soaked, making them perfect for the Method/Hybrid feeder. The larger 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pellets really do come into their own when I’m pinging pellets for bigger carp. This is a deadly tactic on commercials and these pellets are perfect for this style of fishing due to their uniform shape strong meaty smell.” – Frankie Gianoncelli



There’s three different types of expander pellets in the Mainline Match range; Activated, Cell and Neutral Expanders. All have been designed to cater for a wide range of species in loads of different situation. The pellets are available in 4mm and 6mm, which covers all of my expander work, whether I’m targeting an odd F1 in the middle of winter or big powerful carp in the heat of summer. The pellets are seriously durable and stay on the hook better than any other pellet I’ve tried in the past. This has loads of advantages to your fishing and gives you the confidence that your hookbait is performing perfectly.

“The three different flavours of Expander Pellets in the range suit themselves to two different times of year in my opinion. The Cell expander has a really sweet smell, suiting the colder months when you’re looking for less bites and when you need your hookbaits to be less powerful in terms of smell and flavour. So, the Cell Expanders are my choice for the colder autumn/winter months when I’m targeting F1’s and silverfish. When the weather starts to warm up however, I will step up to the Activated Expanders which are perfect for bigger carp and F1’s. These have a meatier flavour that suits the warmer conditions when the fish are more active and eating more. Lastly the Neutral version can be flavoured to suit your personal needs at these times of year.” – Pemb Wrighting



Wafters are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in size, and basically visual hookbaits that are highly attractive and very robust, available in several colours and flavours. The ‘wafter’ nature of them means that they are semi-buoyant, counteracting the weight of a hook so that when a fish sucks-up to engulf one, it easily sucks it in, meaning you hook more fish.

“There are lots of different ways of presenting Wafter hookbaits, and you can place them on a hair-rig, bayonet, or within a bait band. The very best situations to use them is when you’re trying to select quality fish as little silvers tend to leave them alone! Try using different flavours and colours, and swap between them to keep fish coming.” Frankie Gianoncelli


The Method mix is a strong smelling fairly fine groundbait with a very potent smell due to its high fishmeal content! Developed by the Match Team for use on a Method Feeder, but also as a powerful fishmeal groundbait in many other big-fish situations!

“This groundbait is such an easy one to use, because all the hard work has gone into the ingredients! The carp and specimen background of Mainline means the guys have access to the very best ingredients, and on the fishmeal/pellet front they’re in this mix. Carp and F1s love the stuff. I often fish with it alone on the feeder with dead red maggots on the hook. However, I also use it mixed in different ratios with pellets. For example, at Barton Lake I have won a lot of matches using a 50/50 mix of soaked 2mm Cell Pellets and Method Mix. It offers the food content of the pellets and all the attraction of the Method Mix!” – Pemb Wrighting


The Margin Mix is a mix designed and developed specifically for big fish in the margins! Everything about it is positive! The mix is full of high-quality food particles such as crushed pellets, fishmeal and seeds. This is vital because when big fish are coming in down the margins, they’re looking for food, and the more you have there, the more fish you can hold and attract!

“As already mentioned, I always like to mix my margin groundbait on the damp side so it’s inert and sinks well. The most important thing to consider alongside this, is to make sure you feed the mix at the right time and in the right amounts. Often, fish come into the edge in the later half of a session, so feeding your margins later is effective with maybe two hours of the session to go. You can change the colour of the mix easily which can be mega effective, using the Cartiv-8 Flavoured Dye. Red Krill is a great colour to use in very muddy water, being visual for fish to see easily. Betaine Green can also work well on commercials, especially in clearer water.” – Pemb Wrighting



The 100% Pure Ground Expander is a real multi-purpose mix that has loads of different uses throughout my fishing. It has quite a fine consistency that’s very easy to mix up, fluffing up nicely which makes the perfect expander groundbait that can be adapted to a wide range of different situations.

“The Pure Ground Expander is an extremely versatile mix that plays a part in my fishing throughout the whole year, covering a wide variety of different situations and methods. It can be used as a stand-alone mix in the middle of winter when you’re looking to feed a minimal amount of bait. A mixture of 50/50 groundbait and micro pellets works brilliantly when you’re targeting F1’s and carp up to islands, or you can add it to another mix to bulk it out. The possibilities are endless and that’s the beauty of the 100% Pure Ground Expander”. – Matt Godfrey



Sweet Marine is the ultimate all-round groundbait mix, a dark fishmeal base that can be using on all methods throughout the year on both natural and commercial venues! Sweet Marine offers the perfect balance of fishmeal strength with other attractants like hemp and breads. There is a blend of crushed pellets in the mix, and the combo of ingredients make Sweet Marine idyllic for bream, skimmers and F1s. The dark colour tailors the mix to all water clarities, with the fine and easy-to-mix nature giving Sweet Marine some fizz and attraction while leaving a fishmeal bed on the bottom for fish to graze over.

“I like to mix Sweet Marine on the dry side for feeder fishing, allowing me to place other particles in the mix that will burst out with attraction as the feeder settles and lands. On the pole, a slightly damp mix works well, and the nature of Sweet Marine means that you can squeeze a ball firmly for slow release, medium for a quick breakdown, or even loose for a cloudy attractive column and bed of feed. On more positive days with lots of feeding fish I’ll add extra particles like 2mm Cell Pellets, chopped worms and dead maggots, or on difficult days the simple attraction of the groundbait itself in enough to draw and hold fish in the swim.” – Darren Cox



Pro-Active is a non-fishmeal mix that offers the perfect balance of natural fish-catching ingredients, an all-round texture, and some attractive activity to draw in fish! Pro-Active contains a blend of quality breads, seeds, biscuits and crushed hemp, massively appealing to natural-water fish like roach, skimmers, bream and hybrids! It has a neutral dull brown colour, ideal for natural venues all year around!

“Making the most of this groundbait’s all-round nature will put more fish in your net. If your fishing a hard venue, your aim f to pull-in fish to get them feeding, so feeding Pro-Active softer and much drier is important to allow all the particles to fizz, pop and bring-in fish. I like to feed small, regular amounts on days like this to maintain that attraction column. On a lot of natural venues fishing is prolific, and you need to feed aggressively to keep fish on the bottom and hold them in the swim. Adding more water to the mix, and even a percentage of say 25% soil makes the mix inert and heavy to keep fish on the deck and stacked-up where you can clatter them!” – Matt Godfrey



Green Supreme is a groundbait designed to catch all species of fishon a range of venues and methods! Green Supreme has a neutral green colour that fish happily feed over and is packed with a mix of quality fishmeals, pellets and cereals.

The mix has a balance of ingredients that give the groundbait an enticing fishy edge, with excellent food content that keeps fish grazing over your feed area for long periods. Equally effective on natural and commercial venues for quality fish, this mix can be mixed on the dry side for use in a Swim Feeder, or slightly wetter to mold onto a Method Feeder or form into a ball to be fed with a Pole Cup.


Pure Pellet Paste is packed full of aminos, attractors and oils that infiltrate the water instantly, attracting fish directly to the paste hookbait.


Easy to mix, just add water according to the directions and level markings on the label for a soft, medium or stiff paste that’s ready in minutes!


Anglers have always spent a long time looking for the perfect luncheon meat, trying different brands or processes to change it and get it perfect. The Mainline Match Flavoured meat is exactly that – the ideal texture and density, easy to use in all kinds of ways, and available in six different flavours and colours to give you loads of different options!

“Like anything in fishing, thinking outside the box is important, and doing things a little different with meat definitely catches you more and bigger fish! The great thing about our range of meat, is that you have six flavours and colours to choose from. In coloured water, a visual brighter colour with extra flavour like the orange Activ-8 or Yellow Scopex Pineapple works a treat. In clear water, a dull Halibut Green is more discrete to fool wary fish. The all-round texture means you can hair-rig, straight hook, cube, rip, punch or pull a band into the meat, and while it is soft enough to be digestible and attractive to fish, it is firm enough to stay on the hook or Hair! My best advice is to play around with different colours and flavours in different fishing situations, and you will soon see patterns of when particular ones stand out!” – Will Reynolds


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