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If you haven’t heard of the Ned Rig before it is a rig that was originally developed for bass fishing in America by a guy called Ned Kehde, he was a legendary Bass angler from the Midwest and has also written many books and articles on fishing in the States.

Ned Kahde the NED rig founder.

The combination of small jighead and soft plastic ‘stick’ looks rather strange and almost comical, but the presentation and action of the bait made catching fish even easier especially in tricky conditions.

Ways to fish the Ned rig!

Fast forward nearly 30 years since its inception and the UK lure market has been stormed by the Ned. The main company to bring them to the UK was ZMan with their TRD’s who are widely regarded as the ‘go to’ NED bait.

But now there is a new player in the field…. Korum. Last year they released their brand new SQUIRMZ into the UK market in blister packs of 3 pre-rigged plastics which sold very well, but it wasn’t enough. We knew the range was going to expand at some point but we didn’t know when…….

Squirmz came in two options; Fluoro or Natural in blister packs of three rigged baits on a 5G bullet jig head.

WELL…… Now is the time!

Korums upcoming release in mid-October is based around their Floatex soft plastics…. And its a big one!

To start with they are releasing the Squirmz in packs for just £2.50 in a range of six different colours!

Individual colours can now be bought in resealable packs with a choice of six different colours.

Secondly they have added a new size to the Squirms range with the baby 5cm. Which you can also but in pre-rigged packs of three with 5G jig heads.

The 7.5cm and the 5cm Squirms next to each other. The smaller 5cm version is going to be a clear winner on cold mornings fishing the canal.

The 3G and 5G jig heads are still available separately as well. Squirm Heads have a special bullet-shape designed to create long cast and a nose-diving motion on the retrieve. The unique shape helps lures stand-up when sitting motionless on the bottom.

In the water the Squirm sits upright due to the buoyant material and the bullet shaped jig head.


Along with their expansion of the Squirmz range they are introducing a new bait…. The Reggiez.

Reggiez are a durable floating crayfish imitation and come of pre-rigged Cheb rigs or individual colour packs.

Reggiez are a 7.5cm durable floating crayfish imitation that enables you to fish with the popular finesse ‘Ned Rigging’ technique really effectively. The FLOATEX material is much softer than normal lures, yet resists any cuts and tears due to its stretchy compound. This bait is incredible – retrieve it slowly and let the claws of the Reggiez wobble, wiggle and shake.

Long pauses can bring great rewards, as the Reggiez stand straight up off the bottom due to their buoyancy, just like a crayfish standing in the defensive position. On the pause, the claws wave naturally, creating a subtle presentation for pressured fish. The body also features a natural hook slot, for weedless rigging.

Cheb rigged for maximum movement and fantastic weedless properties.

Reggiez are available in pre-rigged packs of three which come on a a super sharp 1/0 offset hook, pre-rigged on a 5g Chebaruska weight. This provides maximum movement in a weedless, streamlined package.

They are also available in resealable colour packs of three in six different colours.

The Cheb rig is the perfect weedless set up which still allows the movement Reggiez need.

The ‘Chebaruska’ style of rigging enables you to have a totally weedless presentation that creates more movement in your lure. The quick-change clip that fixes inside the Cheb weight gives your hook free-movement, perfect when using buoyant lures like the Snapper Floatex range. The high-carbon steel hook used is strong, sharp and shaped to be hidden inside your bait. Great for snaggy or weedy environments, or when fish are getting ‘hook-shy’.

Available in the popular finesse fishing sizes and weights. Compatible with the Snapper Floatex lure range.

We recommend:

Size 4 – Squirmz 5cm

Size 1 – Squirmz 7.5cm

Size 1/0 – Reggiez 7.5cm

The Cheb rigs are available separately in a range of sizes for size 4 hooks to 1/0 and weights from 3G to 10G.

You can even Cheb rig the Squirmz! You would be surprised at how aggressive even the smaller perch are when a Squirm is bounced in front of their face!


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