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The Simple Knotless Knot Rig

As far as rigs go you can’t get much simpler than the Knotless Knot Rig. Its been used for decades to catch fish and top anglers are still using it every day to success. Its simplicity to tie, anti-tangle properties and effectiveness once on the lake / river bed make this rig a firm favorite for many anglers shying away from the new expensive to make and must use fancy rigs.

If you are looking at getting into any type of fishing that involves using a hair rig then this IS the place to start. And I am going to show you how to tie it below.

You don’t need a lot of components to make this rig, just strong reliable tackle that you have faith in already, if you are new to hair rigs then we can advise on what bits to buy from our own experience. In this demonstration I am going to be using the Nash Tackle TT range of products.

Firstly, start by taking 12 inches of your chosen braid, I am using Nash SKINLINK which is a coated semi-stiff braid, the stiffness helps prevent the rig from tangling and aids the hooking ability by keeping the rig fairly strait whilst on the lake bed.
If you are using a coated braid you will need to strip about 3 1/2 inches of the coating off for the hair, this is so the hook bait can move freely and separate away from the hook in a more natural fashion. You can use your teeth with some coated braids but I advise using a stripping tool to save yourself from a visit to the dentist!
Then double the end over by about 15mm and tie a simple over hand knot, forming the loop to hold a bait stop.
At this point you need to add your chosen hook bait, this is so you know how long to make the hair (baits are different sizes, so the length of hair will change accordingly). I am using A NashBait Citruz Cultured bottom Bait, packed full of attraction and feed stimulating additives.
Thread the bait on with a baiting needle and add a boilie stop to the small loop you made to prevent the bait from falling off.
Time to add a hook…… I am using the size 6 Nash Twister which is a strong pin sharp wide gape hook. The important bit here is the in-turned eye, this helps to make the hook point turn over in the Carp’s mouth. Always make sure you have an in-turned eye for this rig, you can use different patterns, such as a curve shank or a long shank as these normally have in-turned eyes as well.
Thread the braid through the eye from the back to the front and pull it through until the bait is about 5mm from the curve of the hook.
To form the Knotless Knot you need to wrap the braid around the shank of the hook 5 times trapping the hair to the shank, then twice more, but underneath the hair making it ‘kick’ out from the hook. Finally pass it back through the eye from back to front again and pull tight.
Almost done! Tie a loop in the other end of the braid, moisten with saliva and pull tight, trimming the tag end off to neaten it up.
Finally thread on a Tungsten Anti-Tangle sleeve and attach the loop to a quick link swivel on your favorite lead clip. Push the Sleeve over the swivel and you are done!
A simple yet deadly rig. This picture show how the Cultured Hook bait has started to dissolve and give off all of those important food signals that the fish are looking for.
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