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This is a very interesting little rig and its a modern take on an old school long shank rig.

It is the perfect rig for fishing a pop up as low as possible which reacts extremely quickly and more importantly it is a break from the ronnie / spinner norm.

The rig its self is set around two E-S-P components which are perfect for the job; The Trig-Hammer hook and the new Balance Beads.

Here is how you tie it.

Start by taking your desired length of coated braid. Make sure you take into account you will need to strip 4.5 inches to make the Slip-D.
Strip 4.5 inches of the coating off the braid.
the E-S-P trig-Hammer is almost a cross between a long shank and a curve shank hook. It is the perfect hook for this rig. In this demo I am using a size 4. If you want to use a smaller hook you can do.
Double over a couple of inches of the stripped braid and thread it through the front of the hook, coming out at the back of the hook. Then thread on a bait screw (or a micro hook swivel).
Tie a knotless knot over the top of the braid, making a Slip-D rig.
Now you need an E-S-P Balance Bead. Here I am using the 0.6g. This is because I am using a 14-15mm pop up. If you want to use a 10-12mm pop up and a size 6 hook then you will need to use the 0.3g Balance Bead.
Thread the Balance Bead onto the other end of the hooklink. The bead has a larger hole at one end, you want to have this end facing the hook.
Push the bead onto the hook eye. It can be quite stiff. You want to cover the knot with the bead. This gives the best angle and presentation.
add on your favourite pop-up. OBVIOUSLY its a Boosted Mulb!
The finished rig; Very simple, and very deadly!
The hook sits perfectly, with the point just cocked over keeping the pop up low to the lake bed.
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