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When you get your new elastic sorted in your pole top kit it’s a relief as there are so many to choose from. The trouble is that you then have the decision of which connector to use to attach your rig to your elastic and once again you’re overwhelmed with choice including type, size and what kind of pole fishing you are using it for!

At some point on our angling journey we have all been in this situation so here is a little guide to help you through. The best thing is there is a full video available to watch at ASFishingTV on YouTube including how to tie the knots and attaching the rigs themselves.

When it comes to it there are 3 main types of connectors to choose from.

  1. STOFO

The STOFO is really simple and can be easily matched to the size/strength of elastic you want to use. Made up of 2 main parts it allows you to tie a simple over hand loop and the slide the sleeve over the knot. There is then a simple collar that you slide down to be able to attach your rig before sliding the collar back up again to secure everything into place. This style is particularly useful for the pleasure angler and requires minimal maintenance, also for beginners learning how to use a pole or if you find you’re all ‘fingers and thumbs’ when it comes to these small items. It can be used with both internal and external bushes equally well and will stand the test of time with ease. The only downside of the STOFO is when fishing shallow and ‘slapping’ the rig into the water it is likely that the rig will tangle around the base of the connector likely breaking your elastic when hooking a supercharged summer carp!


The DACRON is by far the best ‘all rounder’ of the bunch. Like all it is available in different sizes and lengths. The connector is a loop of coated braid with a knot at one end and a soft bead at the other which covers the elastic knot keeping everything secure and tidy. This one is a little more complex to attach your rig to however I do guide you through this aspect step by through the video. The main advantage of this is its ability to ‘kick’ the rig line away for the end of the pole making it tangle proof. The loop of your rig is attached to the coated braid and the knot at the bottom stop the rig from sliding off – this seems a little strange if your new to the concept but trust me, has never let me down! Perfect for all aspects of pole fishing it is very durable and like the STOFO it requires little maintenance. The coated braid however will ware eventually requiring you to replace the connector. The video demonstrates how to make your own using 20lb mono line which is stiffer than braid and doesn’t ware as easily. For the more serious angler, making your own with the DACRON no longer than 5mm in length makes everything super stiff and allows a more direct connection to your rig allowing you to hit bites quicker – particularly using when fishing shallow.

DIRECT TO ELASTIC – for this time of year when fishing shallow this is my go-to connection. It comprises of a simple Drennan Feeder Bead thread onto the elastic, a double overhand loop tied in the end and with the rig attached the same way as with a DACRON the bead is pushed over the knot to secure everything in place. This direct contact allows the serious angler to hit every fast bite which can make a huge difference in match fishing when time goes way too fast! If you fish regularly and are changing your elastics every month, then this will not cause you any issues at all. If you’re hoping to use this method however for a longer period, you need to check your elastic where you attach your rig every session as the rig line will eventually cut into it.  For me fishing regularly and in matches and changing my elastic frequently this method has never let me down – even when bagging up big weights.

Hopefully this will help to guide you in making your decision for which to use and for when to use them. There is a full video guide which clearly guide you in great detail throughout all the above and more.

See you on the bank soon.

Adam Shilton

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