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Zig fishing at any time of year can be a real game changer as most of the time Carp are not on the bottom, they are in the warmer thermoclines when the water starts to cool down and they are closer to the surface when the sun is out.

So at this time of year when the Carp are lining up in those warmer thermoclines, finding them with a zig or two can produce amazing results.

One of the biggest tricks with zigs is to not stay stationary at the first depth you cast them out at. This is when you loose all confidence and don’t use them again. You need to keep changing the depths and location until you find the fish, then you are set. A fish finder like a Deeper can be a huge edge for zig fishing because you will see the fish all lined up on the readout showing you how deep they are sitting which eliminates half of the work!

I generally always go with black foam on a black aligner. Based off all of the footage I have seen from the likes of Rob Hughes Underwater footage and my own experience I just have the most faith in black on black. You may want to find what your preference is, and it may be different to mine, but I always start with this. I may chop and change during the day if black isn’t working, maybe to some yellow foam, or a yellow aligner… Or maybe if things are really bad I’ll stick a 12mm popup on!

Another thing to note is that I usually soak all of my plastics in Betalin. You can use foam right out of the pack, but again, its a confidence thing. Try giving it a quick spray in your favourite booster spray just before you cast out to give it that added attraction in the water.

The new Nash Zig Screws have changed my zig rig and the speed at which I fish them. Being able to change ‘bait’ that quickly and to whatever I like is a game changer. whereas before if I wanted to try a bigger piece of foam I would have to tie up a whole new rig, now I can just screw it on! Most of all, it stops me being lazy with my ‘bait’ choice. And for that they are worth every penny!

Here is how I now tie up my zig rig….

Here are the components I use… I change the BS of the hooklink material (Zig Flo) depending on the situation. I also change the size and shape of lead dependent on the situation, but I generally try to get away with the biggest lead I can.
The finished product is very neat.
The finished rig sits perfectly ‘cocked’ in the water. What ever you choose as a hookbait the zig screw can take it!
A zig caught angry common that took a fancy to some black foam 18ft off the bottom in 20ft of water!
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